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I love how it makes me feel after use!! This is the third time I've bought this Enzyme mask. Within two weeks, I could see noticeable results on my face. Each time I use it, it makes my skin feel so smooth and supple. It thoroughly cleanses my pores!

 -Ruth Bishop (Enzyme Resurfacing Mask)


Beautiful packaging containing an excellent product. Only a little is needed to give great moisture and the fragrance lasts and lasts. Well worth paying a little extra for.

- Tiffany Beazley (Luxury Savon Noir with Frankincense & Myrrh)


This is my second bottle of this bath salts. I like to use it when I feel low as it makes me feel better. It’s so relaxing it helps me to sleep. When I use it my entire bathroom smells for hours of rose.

- Tara Frazzetto (Divine Rose Spa Bath)


Wow!! This balm is amazing. My baby’s skin feels so soft after using it, wish I'd discovered it years ago. Can't wait to try the rest of your products.

- Zoe Ritchie (Bubba’s Bum Balm) 


Lovely to use and I am finding myself seriously addicted to the scent of Chamomile & Calendula flowers - something I did not imagine myself writing!

- Denise Emerson (Chamomile & Calendula Toner) 


This is the best cleanser. It’s the only one I will use. It does the job easily without pain and smells lovely too.

- Nicole Cox (Clary Sage Cleanser)


My skin feels better with a change of product - something I've noticed in the past when I've changed products. I've used the cleansing milk for several months now and rather than my skin just feeling better - it looks more radiant - more nourished and all of that has continued. I love the scent and the sensation when I apply it - pure luxury. I wish I'd found this product sooner! 

- Lana Hill (Frankincense Cleansing Milk)


Frankincense cleansing milk is so quick and easy to use.
Cleans so well and leaves skin feeling soft and special. You would be surprised what it lifts off your face after a night of sleeping, even when your face has been cleansed before bed. Highly recommended. Smells lovely!

- Ashleigh Feher (Frankincense Cleaning Milk)


I really love this cleanser. Such a fine texture when it melts into the skin, lovely subtle fragrance too. Removes makeup well leaving my skin soft and clean. I highly recommend it.

- Amelia Watson (Frankincense Cleansing Milk) 


Beautiful products for babies and children. Gives such peace of mind knowing that Inka brand only use the cleanest/best ingredients. Smells divine and washes without drying the skin. Lovely!

- Natalie Williamson (Bubba’s Milk Relief Wash + Soothing Milk Therapy Bath) 


Once the lather is washed off it does not produce bubbles so was more suited to my youngest two children (1 & 5 years) who are prone to dry skin.

- Joanne Clarke (Bubba’s Milk Relief Wash) 


Really fell in love with this range of product. Great smell and this wash make my baby’s skin so hydrated and so soft. I give my baby a massage with the sleepy balm, use the wash for bath and then apply the lotion and my baby looks beautiful.

- Estefani Gallegos (Bubba’s Sleepy Balm + Bubba’s Milk Relief Wash + Bubba’s Rescue Body lotion)


What a beautiful wash for my little one. The formula is fantastic, providing a rich and creamy formula, that is extra kind to my son's eczema prone skin. It smells natural and I love that it can be used daily. I can't wait to try more of the beautiful baby products Inka has to offer.

- Lisa Wilson (Bubba’s Milk Relief Wash)


I started using this on my son who is 4 months old and I can honestly say it's the best wash I've ever used on him. I think it's helped my hands too as they are no longer as dry. It is really gentle and smells so calming. One I'll definitely buy again!

- Vienna Megan (Bubba’s Milk Relief Wash)


My daughter has a very reactive skin, and after 5 years testing other products I finally found the ideal one for her, we love the smell, the texture and the benefits of having a balanced, hydrated and happy skin.

- Rachel Angus (Soothing Milk Therapy Bath)


My son is 5 mo now. His skin is fairly normal but the area around the tummy is very sensitive. He develops something like urticaria only around his belly. We took him to his pediatrician and a dermatologist; they were not sure about it because urticaria usually don't lasts but my son's skin around his tummy has been like that for the past 2 months. Finally found a product that works for him!

- Rachel Bourke (Bubba’s Bum Balm) 


We had searched high and low so many topical creams and oils until we found Inka. It is sort of a miracle. It heals my son's months long urticaria and it smells divine. We've been recommending it to basically everyone we know who has a baby. A little goes a long way and we are sure it will be a staple in our nursery.

- Paige Johnson (Bubba’s Rescue Body Lotion)


The best baby cream ever! My little guy loves it so much. It's our second bottle and not the last one. It has cleared my newborn dry skin very quickly.

- Michelle Johnston (Bubba’s Rescue Body Lotion) 


This is a great cream, smells lovely and not too thick or oily. My 6month old baby has been suffering from bad dry skin with flakey bits. Tried LOADS of different creams but didn't work until this one. His skin started to clear up within 24 hours, I have been applying it a few times a day but when his skin has cleared will use at night. Thank you so much from a relieved Mum.

- Courtney McCarthy (Bubba’s Rescue Body Lotion)


My little girl used to suffer terribly with eczema which has now thankfully calmed as she has got older - she still has flare ups and that is where this cream works wonders! We have literally tried every cream out there (and I mean every) I totally love this cream, I was worried that it would be thick and sticky but it's not, it melts into her skin. Totally Amazing!

- Alexandra Paige (Bubba’s Rescue Body Lotion)


I use it mainly on her cheeks and on the odd patch on her body. I have even started using it on myself. It smells lovely, not too overpowering. And what I love most is the fact I know I'm not putting any yucky chemicals onto her skin. I have just ordered my second jar and will continue to repurchase 😊

- Trudy Cuttler (Bubba’s Bum Balm) 


We have been using the rescue cream on my one-year old's chicken pox scars and it seems to be helping - we are now hopeful that the same will be said for my poor 6-year-old nephew who is covered head to foot!!! He likes the feel of the cream so it's a good start! Beautiful smell and lovely texture.

- Steph Elizabeth (Bubba’s Rescue Body Lotion)


Such a wonderful collection of products. I'm a big fan of the moisturizing oil already and the cleanser is just as good. I've never got on that well with creme cleansers in the past, but this with the little muslin cloths works really well at making you skin feel really clean but not dried out. Amazing value. 

- Emma Hamilton (Advanced Renewal Elixir + Frankincense Cleansing Milk)

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