Bakuchiol 3% + Vitamin C Organic Face Cream

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Bakuchiol is clinically proven to significantly improve the appearance fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, helps restore skin firmness and elasticity in 12 weeks. - 2018 study by British Journal of Dermatology

Formulated with 3% of the Natural Retinol Alternative- Bakuchiol and Vitamin C, this high performing face cream is clinically proven to share the same benefits as Retinol without the side effects. This plant-based cream will intensively nourish and regenerate & rejuvenate your skin cells at the cellular level whilst helping to reduce the appearance of aging, sagging skin, pigmentation, wrinkles and even acne, blemishes and acne scars.


  • 3% Bakuchiol- High potency for effective results minus the side effects and sensitivity of Retinol (Other brands only 1% Bakuchiol or less to cut ingredients cost)
  • Bakuchiol regenerates & rejuvenates your skin for less wrinkles, fine lines, acne, pigmentation and blemishes for smoother and firmer skin
  • Anti-aging and slows down first signs of wrinkles
  • No skin peeling & purging side effects like Retinol/Tretinoin.
  • Does not require "tapering-in" or "sandwiching" like when using Retinol/Tretinoin. 
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and laugh lines
  • Improves dry, blemished and sensitive skin condition
  • Treats Rosacea
  • Rebuilds healthy skin barrier 
  • Firms & tightens skin tissue
  • Probiotics help maintain good bacteria on skin while promoting a balanced PH level
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation & Inflammation
  • Anti-Oxidant/ Fights free radicals
  • Nourishing, Hydrating, Moisturizing
  • Vegan product
  • Safe for the Eye area- Doubles up as an Eye Cream to reduce fine lines and crows feet

Hero Ingredients

Bakuchiol is clinically proven to significantly improve the appearance fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, helps restore skin firmness and elasticity in 12 weeks.2018 study by British Journal of Dermatology

  • Organic Bakuchiol 3%
  • Vitamin C
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Jojoba Oil 
  • Organic Avocado Oil
  • Fair Trade Cocoa Butter
  • Vegan Glycerin
  • Organic Rosehip Oil
  • Organic Frankincense
  • Organic Myrrh
  • Peptides
  • Vitamin E

Product Form

Texture: Light textured cream for easy absorption & non-sticky feel 

Smells Like: Fresh flowers & leaves


    Using your fingertips, massage a small amount on the face and neck in an upward circular motion. Use morning and/or night. 

    Full Ingredients List

    Organic Aloe Vera Juice* (Aloe Barbadensis Juice), Organic Sweet Almond Oil* (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil), Organic Jojoba Oil* (Simmondsia Chinensis Oil), Organic Rosehip Oil* (Rosa Canina Fruit Oil), Organic Avocado Oil* (Persea Gratissima Oil), Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter* (Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter), Vegan Glycerin, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Organic Bakuchiol Oil* (Psoralea Corylifolia Seed Oil), Organic Myrrh Oil* (Commiphora Myrrha Oil), Organic Frankincense Oil* (Boswellia Carterii), Organic Sweet Orange Oil* (Citrus Sinensis), Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate), Radish Root Ferment Filtrate (Leuconostoc).

    *Denotes Certified Organic Ingredients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I am new to Bakuchiol, do I need to taper-in/ slowly introduce it to my skincare regime? 

    A: Not at all. Bakuchiol is a natural vegan alternative to chemically derived Retinol/Retinoid/Tretinoin. It is compared heavily to Retinol/Retinoid/Tretinoin as it scientifically produces the same results by speeding up the skin cell’s turnover rate (rejuvenating & regenerating effects) without the harsh side effects. 

    Q: Does Bakuchiol cause dryness like Retinol/Retinoid/Tretinoin? Do I need to do the “sandwich or layering” method? 

    A: No, Bakuchiol does not cause dryness hence there is no need to do the sandwich or layering method. In fact, all our Bakuchiol products are formulated to not only rejuvenate and regenerate your skin but also firm, hydrate and moisturize the skin.  

    Q: I have Sensitive/ Sensitized/ Rosacea/Acne Skin, can I use the Bakuchiol products? 

    A: Yes of course! We have had a lot of customers who have healed from Rosacea & Acne after using the Bakuchiol Range. Just take a look at our reviews and before & after album. Our Bakuchiol products are effective yet gentle enough for sensitive and sensitized skin.  

    Q: Would my skin purge and peel like using Retinol/Retinoid/Tretinoin? 

    A: No, you would not experience any purging or peeling when using our Bakuchiol products.  

    Q: What skincare actives should I stay away from when using Bakuchiol? 

    A: None. Bakuchiol is naturally derived and does not interact with any other skincare actives like Vitamin C or AHA/BHA. 

    Q: I am pregnant & breastfeeding, can I use the Bakuchiol products? 

    A: Yes, Bakuchiol is the safe alternative and does not go into the bloodstream.  

    Q: Do I only pick 1 Bakuchiol product or can I use the entire range all together? 

    A: The entire Bakuchiol range is designed to be used together to achieve maximum results.  

    Q: Does Bakuchiol cause increased sun sensitivity like Retinol/Retinoid/Tretinoin? Can I use it in the morning? Do I need to stay out of direct sunlight? 

    A: Yes, you can use it both day and night as it does not cause any sun sensitivity. No, you don’t have to deliberately stay away from direct sunlight but always remember to use SPF to prevent skin cancer under all circumstances.  

    Q: Can I mix my existing skincare with this Bakuchiol product? 

    A: Yes, please feel free to! Our Bakuchiol products would not interact with any of your other skincare products.  

    Q: What is this product’s shelf life? 

    A: 3- 6 months. Does not contain any harsh preservatives. Keep away from direct sunlight. 

    Q: How fast should I expect to see results? 

    A: If religiously and correctly used twice daily, you should see results in 28 days/ 4 weeks as our skin generally has a 28-day cycle.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Has a very strong smell

    This has a very strong woody smell, I assume from the Frankincense and Myrrh. Tried it over a week but the smell remains all day, even on my hands after washing them often during the day so this product isn't for me. I also received a sample of the Bakuchiol intensive but have the same issue as this product also includes Frankincense and Myrrh as ingredients. As for consistency, it's like a light lotion which is great rather than a heavy cream. If it didn't have those two strong-smell ingredients it would be a great product.

    Sierra Curtis
    Best face cream I’ve used in years

    So many good things to say about this product
    Smells amazing. My skin is super hydrated . I live at the beach so I’m out doors a lot and I love the sun
    With this product I can be outside and not worry about any sight effects it’s all totally safe and natural
    It’s also organic and cruelty free very important to my choosing this in the first place . I was so happy with the results of the serum and cream I ordered a face mask and eye cream with my second order.
    All the products last a long time as you only need the smallest amount . Skin unevenness is drastically reduced and I’m so impressed with all the products and the ethics of this company in general . I highly recommend everything in the range

    Bakuchiol & Vitamin C Face Cream

    Still to early to see any results but so far really happy with this face cream. It is not oily or too thick, it applies smoothly and absorbs well. So happy to find something that is safe to use during pregnancy yet is working on my fine lines!

    Teresa Stodulny

    Bakuchiol 3% + Vitamin C Organic Face Cream

    Best product ever!!!!

    After trying the sample, I saw amazing results right away. I had to order myself a bottle right away. I will never go back to using anything else on my face as this product does exactly what it's supposed to. EXTREMELY HAPPY!! THANK YOU INKA!!!!!!!

    Pauline Quilliam
    Top Product

    Love this product.Smells great and absorbs into skin very easily..

    What a great product

    This cream is a game changer, my skin is much smoother and hydrated. Has helped reduce the redness and fine lines. Highly recommend it.

    Love this!

    Got this as a sample and really didn't expect this to be so good. I mainly use the serum from Inka skincare and have not really tried their cream at all. This is really hydrating at the same time light-weighted and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I apply this in the day and at night. Gonna run out of the sample soon and will order the original size :)

    Mila wang

    my go to one cream for everything! Smells dvine too

    Zari Newell
    Love this face cream

    I absolutely love this face cream! It is not sticky and absorbs so well! Moisturizers my skin well and overall it looks more hydrated and even.

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