What does the INKA logo mean?

As a name, Inka means “Goddess”, “Beautiful”, “Torch”, “Bright” and “Light”. In some languages, Inka also means “leaving a beautiful mark or imprint”.  All the above represents what we want Inka Skincare Apothecary to be – A brand that brings you beauty whilst giving a light of hope to others. This beautiful gesture not only leaves an everlasting imprint in the heart of the giver, but also the receiver. The name "Inka" is presented in a typewriter font as we think of this as a journey like writing a story that will be a legacy in years to come.

We chose Turquoise as our corporate colour as it is associated with healing, compassion, empathy and care. These are the values that we hold close to our hearts when developing everything from our formulations, label designs, website and especially our cause.

The imperfect circle in the Inka logo represents the circle of life, and how life doesn’t always go according to plan; that life isn't perfect. Much so for those who have experienced violence from family or a loved one that involves innocent children. The circle also represents a cycle we intend on creating, not only by empowering women to lift other women and children in need, but also the cycle of giving and receiving via every purchase here at Inka Skincare Apothecary.

P/s: All our product label illustrations are hand-drawn by LayDoodle in our efforts to also support local & global artists in Australia.