Post-Surgery Scars

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Feeling very vulnerable posting this, its causing my anxiety to kick in at the same time but its okay, I need to deal with it and shake it off. The body really doesn't forget what its been through.
So, the person in the picture is ME. After my first cancer surgery (I have had 2 to date) to remove some lumps and growth at the neck.
The before picture is taken post surgery in the doctor's office about 1 month post surgery. The after picture is taken 6 months post surgery after using the #GlowRevivingElixir daily day and night.
Now, I scar VERY easily all over, not just the face. I have a huge keloid scar from my caesarian surgery delivering my daughter. I even scar from popping pimples or even when my daughter accidentally scratches me 😑 The biggest fear from this surgery was that it would leave me with big visible scars (vain pot priorities for real😅) instead of worrying about the lumps.
With the continuous use of JUST the #Elixir which is rich in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, my skin was able to recover and regenerate itself naturally without leaving much scars. I SWEAR I did not use anything else other than the Elixir.
So YES, we do not test on animals, we test on me!! 🤣 #CrueltyFree all the way!
- Kay Werner

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