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Just what I needed after a radical hysterectomy. Holds everything in nice and comfortable.

Bakuchiol 3% + SPF 50 Tinted Organic Face Cream

I use this beautiful face cream as a primer everyday.It is the perfect colour and feels so light and smooth when applied to my face and decolletage area. Great to use without makeup as well,I love the SPF factor!
My skin has never felt better,I highly recommend it.

Best products I've ever used.

I have been using the products for a year and absolutely love it. The hydrating mist gives you a nice refreshing glow. Would highly recommend it.


I ordered the post partum / post op binder after breast cancer reconstructive surgery using muscle from my back. I have had fluid constantly building up in the area (back) and surgeon recommended something like this to help with compression, I’ve just put it on and the relief I already feel is incredible! It’s so comfortable I could even wear it to sleep. Thank you.

I didn’t get the product?

Thank you

My entire intestines are a hernia and I need to wear a brace when not horizontal. Your brace is definitely the best I have used in 12 years. Will be ordering more

Excellent products

Highly recommended. My skin has been feeling fantastic since I started using these.

Excellent products! I have sensitive skin and rosacea and I am always worried that new products will prompt a flare up but these didn’t. In fact only after a week of use my redness has reduced. Will be ordering again.

Wish I could rate higher

I love what this company stands for and love that this product has few ingredients, but unfortunately I had to stop using it after only a week or so. It didn’t bother my sensitive skin, which was great, but I didn’t find it very moisturising. I had to stop using it because the smell of the product is very strong. I don’t usually mind essential oil smells but this one was too much for me.

Love this product

I absolutely love these masks. They have such great ingredients in them and my skin feels great after use. I’m going to take some on an OS trip with me they are that good!

Fast postage great products always oblighing. Love it

comfy, easy to tighten it the desired level

comfy, easy to tighten it the desired level

Great but wish it was a little longer

Natural Deodorant (2 pcs pack)- Australian Eucalyptus & Mint

Love love love!

My belly binder

As I have to wear a binder due to multiple surgeries plus now have a incisional hernia. I have many binders but I think this is probably the coolest one to wear plus doesn’t dig in. Highly recommend. I will be buying another.

Best belly band for postpartum

I have tried several brands but this one is the best one. It holds my belly firmly and the quality is a high class. Also my package arrived really quick. Thank you

Amazing products

This binder really holds my tummy well! But their preggo oil is really amazing! I don't see any stretchmark on my tummy after giving birth! I have stretchmarks on my **** but not on my tummy, i should have used the oil on my **** too. After seeing my sister's and mom's belly, i thought i would have the same outcome of belly after giving birth but thanks to this amazing oil! I like the smell too!ing birth but thanks to this amazing oil! I like the smell too!


Absolutely love this product ! The oil smells amazing and has softened my tummy.

So great! Wish it was a little longer though as I get little fat pockets poking out at the top! 6 weeks post C-section and it holds everything in so nicely

Natural Deodorant (2 pcs pack)- Australian Eucalyptus & Mint
Ruth Morgan
Natural Deodorant

This is the first non toxic deodorant that has actually worked - and I've just started using it in the middle of summer. Very pleased with the results.

Far too oily

My sensitive skin turned a bright shade of red after use. It was also incredibly oily and did not absorb for some time. For me it was a disappointment.

Happy customer

Great product, fast delivery thanks.

Bakuchiol 4% High Strength Organic Serum

I am a repeat customer of the Bakuchoil. Absolutely love the smell and feel on my skin. Have not found a similar oil that is 4%.
I have sensitive skin and this does not react or cause any issues. I use it morning and night are 52 years old with minimal wrinkles. Thank you Inka shin care, I will continue to purchase.

Love this serum!

It smells heavenly. Was searching for a sleep balm across many brands and websites and this is one of the only ones I found accessible to me that has very clean ingredients AND magnesium. Win-win!