Blush Pink

Blush Pink

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V-Silk™ Beauty Pillowcase

Utilizing advanced Micro Eco-Soft Technology, we have engineered the world's first Vegan & Cruelty-Free Silk, made from sustainable Eucalyptus & Bamboo and enhanced with Nano-Ions that is anti-bacterial + anti-microbial + anti-static + hypoallergenic eliminating 99% of the nasties to give you healthier skin & frizz-free manageable hair.


For Skin:

✔Anti-Aging - Reduces fine lines & wrinkles 

✔Reduces Acne breakouts

✔Reduces clogged pores, blackheads & whiteheads

✔Reduces Eczema/ Atopic Dermatitis flare ups

✔Reduces dry skin or oily skin due to skin dehydration 

For Hair:

✔Smoother shinier hair

✔Reduces frizziness & flyaways

✔Reduces oily scalp and dry hair

✔Reduces hair breakage and split ends

✔Keeps curls or straighten hair in shape longer

✔No more messy morning bed-hair

For Eyelashes:

✔Helps your eyelash extensions to last longer

✔Does not tug at eyelash extensions while you are sleeping

✔No waking up to lint caught in your eyelash extensions 

For Health:

✔Reduces Sinus

✔Prevents Allergic Rhinitis

✔Reduces Asthma triggers

✔No more sleeping with dust mites and bed bugs


🔬Enhanced with Nano-Ions






🪲Anti-Dust Mite






🔗Durable up to 5 years +

💧Low Maintenance- No special care needed

🦘Proudly Australian 

Care Instructions

Just simply use your regular washing detergent in cold water and low cycle in your washer and you're good to go!

Our V-Silk™ pillowcases are dryer-friendly too! Just remember low heat please! They dry pretty fast!

PS: Just a gentle reminder to separate all whites and blacks while washing 


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